OASYS is a drilling operations solutions provider. Today's consultants recommend technologies to solve problems but leave clients to struggle to design and implement solutions. OASYS does not pitch overpromised horizontal platforms or buzz-words, OASYS delivers solutions using technology. Experienced architects and Subject Matter Experts collaborate to understand customer's problems. Working with the customer's teams, OASYS software engineers package & deliver turn-key solutions.

Your Upstream Technology Partner

Digital Reality

Real-time drilling operations data is integrated using open technologies to deliver Better Data to drive Better Decisions to...


  • Data ingestion from proprietary controls & automation systems.
  • "No-Touch" data via wireless sensor technology for hazardous areas.
  • Data is augmented with real world context to accelerate analysis.
  • Complete automation feedback loops with Machine Learning at the edge.

Improve Safety

Protect rig and field personnel - Digital solutions for accountability, human-machine collision prevention, and risk management.

Increase Productivity

Get to hydrocarbons faster - Optimization engineers require real-time data to make better manual or AI assisted drilling decisions.

Reduce Costs

Protect the treasury - Digital reality enables preventative maintenance programs, quicker payment settling, and settle costs and expenditures in Invisible Lost Time.


Architects, engineers, and subject matter experts consult with client to understand the pain. Root Cause Analysis executed to ensure technology-driven package is the right solution.


Technology research report is generated to ensure clients understand OASYS approach. OASYS leads sourcing of hardware and software. Teams are often integrated with client teams for joint IP development.


Solution is developed, integrated, and deployed per client requirements. OASYS is uniquely positioned in it's experience delivering appliances to the edge.

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